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Piracy Warning Given To Pirate Sites

The Motion Picture Association of America sent out a stern warning on Friday to European piracy sites that had been sharing the films it represents…whether the call was heard remains less than clear. Although the MPA gave a firm 24-hour deadline for the offending sites to shut themselves down, the actual punishment if they didn’t remained ambiguous (from Billboard). “You are already...

Vuze Users Can Now Speed Up Torrent Downloads

Standard downloading times of torrents on fiber optic networks today are as fast as they have ever been, however there is now a further improved method of downloading torrents at a faster speed. Vuze, a torrent downloading software is intending to allow users to speed up torrent downloads via ‘swarm merging’. Swarm Merging on the Vuze network will allow users to share the same file, allowing...

Proof That The Pirate Bay Will Be Coming Back

A police raid took down The Pirate Bay last month, and the popular download service has remained dead ever since. However, the group behind the torrent site has taken back its domain name in the meantime while publishing a static page that features a secret code, a pirate flag and a timer that’s been counting to a potential relaunch that might take place on February 1st.

Pirate Bay Apps Removed From Google Play

Looking for an app to help you access The Pirate Bay on your Android phone? You might have a hard time finding one on Google Play.